Lab Work with Treatment Plan 

"Seeking answers but not ready to commit to a full program? Our Lab Work with Treatment Plan option is designed just for you. Whether you're constrained by financial resources or simply require lab work and a treatment plan, this option provides a pathway to understanding and healing.

How does it work? Simply purchase the plan through the link below to get started.

What's included? Your comprehensive lab work, along with additional scans to identify potential culprits like parasites, heavy metals, viruses, and more enabling us to pinpoint the root of your health concerns.

You'll also receive a personalized 15-minute call with me to place your lab order. Once placed, I'll coordinate with you to have your blood drawn at a Labcorp facility.

Once results are received, we'll convene on Zoom for an in-depth review. Based on the findings, I'll craft a tailored treatment plan to address your specific needs, followed by an 8-week follow-up call to monitor progress and make any necessary adjustments.

As a bonus, you'll gain access to my 8-week Gut Healing Course, providing invaluable support and guidance on your journey to wellness.

Ready to take the first step towards understanding and reclaiming your health? Purchase your Lab Work with Treatment Plan today and let's embark on this journey together.

Disclaimer: Cannot be performed in NY, NJ and RI.

What Are Our

Customers Saying ?

One of the reasons that I finally went with Lizzie is that she orders extensive lab work that gives her a better picture of what is going on with your entire body underneath the cover. She suggests supplements and foods that will help you to correct the imbalances that you have going on that are making you feel poorly and hindering your health. I even ran her suggestions by my naturopathic doctor, and she agreed with everything she had suggested.

You will not get these labs from your normal family doctor. They are far more in-depth and her interest is not in getting you on multiple prescriptions to manage your symptoms. Her interest is to help you to discover what is going on and then recover from it. She wants to get you feeling better as soon as possible so you can start moving forward.

Rhianna D.

​​Working with Lizzie over the past 12 weeks has truly been life-changing.

I am 36 years old and despite eating healthy and working out I was suffering from terrible stomach aches, acne, chronic fatigue, poor sleep, and an autoimmune disorder: Hashimoto's with hypothyroid.

I completed extensive labs, started the correct supplements, began a different workout routine, and dug deep to figure out the cause of my autoimmune disorder.

The changes I have made both mentally and physically we're not easy. There was a lot of sweat and tears. But in the end, I feel better every day and can honestly say the majority of my symptoms have gone away.

Laurel K.